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We are a company that creates dog toys.
We create, we don't produce, because each toy made by us has been carefully thought out, constructed and then tested in practice.
Yes, in practice! Because we are users of our own toys. Coaches, players, and above all, owners of crazy, active dogs with different needs.

We started creating our toys because we wanted something more.
We needed toys that would encourage dogs with poor motivation, toys that would withstand the jaws of destroyers, for those who love balls, toys that can be hidden in their pockets or those that can be escaped on the ground.
In other words, we wanted to create toys that would make our lives easier, be durable and solve our problems.
This is how ZAYMA was created.


Our toys have gained recognition around the world, have reached almost 30 countries.
We are proud of it because it means that you liked our toys and make your dogs happier.


Our snuffle mat won a distinction in the prestigious TOP FOR DOG 2018 competition

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